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  • Mihika: "BOFA has taught me loads of new maths like equations!"
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  • Maya: "It was helpful that you give us a practice section to look at how to do this question. THANKYOU!!"
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  • Matthew: "excellent help to learning VR and NVR"
  • Anita: "I passed my medway exam thanks to BOFA. Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!"
  • Hattie: "i enjoyed having the explanations after the question if i got it wrong"
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  • Alison: "Amazing"
  • Harvin: "Bofa is very useful and my confidence is building up. This was really good help."
  • Aya: "The English is a bit tricky but I'm starting to get the hang of it!!!"
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  • Keri: "I got in 11+ Altrincham school"
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  • Rachel: "This website is a great help as I'm trying to get into a grammar school"
  • Harry: "thanks it really helped me"
  • Olivier: "This Is a Awesome website for maths"
  • Tatiana: "I made quite a lot of silly mistakes"
  • Ayesha: "It is a great way to help me learn and the explanations are fabulous so I don't forget!"
  • Ava: "this really helps my understanding"
  • Christopher: "Very challenging test. Wish I did things like this in school (=!"
  • Nidaa: "bofa is the best it made me better at verbal and non"
  • Amy: "bofa is really helpful when it comes to maths and english"
  • Rahul: "These practice papers of BOFA's are sure to help me pass my 11+test !!!!"
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  • Babak: "The best site ever for learning"
  • Shyla: " I love Bofa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
  • Sabeel: "Please unsubscribe from BOFA. Thank you. The site was useful for RANEEM for his 11+."
  • Anonymous : "Nice Bofa I love U baby"
  • Nicholas: "it is fun when your mum isn't angry!"
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  • "
  • Joseph: ""bofa is soooo helpful im gonna pass the 11+
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Welcome to BOFA

Online eleven plus Tests which tutor pupils for 11+ examinations in English, Maths, Verbal Reasoning and Non-verbal Reasoning.

Timed online 11 plus tests, marked to identify strengths & weaknesses.
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Each 11 plus test has the appropriate number of questions for a timed 50 minute test.
The difficulty is set to be as realistic as possible.
The tests are marked automatically, including the questions which are attempted after 50 minutes.
The initial score only includes the correct answers obtained in 50 minutes.
Bespoke explanation, practice and testing in weaker areas.
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The weaker topics are explained followed by practice and retesting.
The stronger topics are developed in later products.
Reports emailed to parents informing of progress and effort.
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Emails are immediately sent to the parents and tutors containing the amount of time spent, finish time and the score achieved.
Extension work available using BOFA 11, BOFA 11+ and BOFA 11++.
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When all 4 11 plus tests are complete, BOFA will advise all concerned on the best course of action, including further online products or paper resources etc which are available.


'The Year 7 Sats resits represent an unintentional return to the 11-plus'

TES News-29 Feb 2016
Today, parents discover if they have got their children into the secondary school of their choice. But the early days of the transition to secondary school could be ...

'How do I choose the right 11-plus tutor?' Feb 2016
Responding to this demand, agencies and private tutors have flooded the market; promising to give children the best chances of passing the 11-plus entrance ...

Birmingham grammar school pupils score the city's best A-levels

Birmingham Mail-12 Feb 2016
... 'Opening Doors', the chain works with primary schools in deprived areas – inviting them to put forward “gifted” pupils who they believe could pass the 11-plus.

Action over Kent grammar schools 'social mobility'

BBC News-12 Feb 2016
... in primary schools to bring children from poor households to a level where they could face the Kent Test - the county's selective 11-plus - "with confidence".

'Should I pay for prep school or tutoring?' Feb 2016
Most prep schools are expert in preparing children for the common entrance examinations at 11-plus or 13-plus, which are required by many (but not all) ...

Catholic schools warned to stop preparing children for 11-plus

the Irish News-10 Feb 2016
CATHOLIC school chiefs have warned principals to stop supporting academic selection by preparing children for 11-plus tests. The Council for Catholic ...

11 Plus in Guernsey: Call to delay scrapping decision

BBC News-10 Feb 2016
A decision on scrapping Guernsey's 11 Plus system may be delayed by a year. The Education Department has suggested the selective system ends in 2019 to ...

Academic challenges adults to take the 'daunting' grammar test ...

Daily Mail-10 Feb 2016
A leading voice in education has asked adults to see how they fare with tricky grammar questions that schoolchildren as young as 11 face. Dr Mary Bousted …

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8 mary s 1734
9 Alisha K 1729
10 Maxim S 1702