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Welcome to BOFA

Online eleven plus Tests which tutor pupils for 11+ examinations in English, Maths, Verbal Reasoning and Non-verbal Reasoning.

Timed online 11 plus tests, marked to identify strengths & weaknesses.
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Each 11 plus test has the appropriate number of questions for a timed 50 minute test.
The difficulty is set to be as realistic as possible.
The tests are marked automatically, including the questions which are attempted after 50 minutes.
The initial score only includes the correct answers obtained in 50 minutes.
Bespoke explanation, practice and testing in weaker areas.
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The weaker topics are explained followed by practice and retesting.
The stronger topics are developed in later products.
Reports emailed to parents informing of progress and effort.
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Emails are immediately sent to the parents and tutors containing the amount of time spent, finish time and the score achieved.
Extension work available using BOFA 11, BOFA 11+ and BOFA 11++.
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When all 4 11 plus tests are complete, BOFA will advise all concerned on the best course of action, including further online products or paper resources etc which are available.


Non-Bucks children are 'elbowing' the county's students out of ...

Bucks Free Press-27 Jan 2015
“Let me say clearly and unequivocally that the 11 Plus is unfair and disadvantages children from state schools, ethnic minorities and poorer families. There is no ...

Nearly 100 empty Year 7 places in Buckinghamshire grammar ...

Bucks Free Press-26 Jan 2015
... county's children lost out on places in 2014 was the large increase in the number of non-Bucks children sitting and passing the new, revamped 11 Plus exam, ...

King's College School welcomes primary state pupils in bursary ...

Your Local Guardian-14 Jan 2015
Andrew Halls, the headmaster said: "The narrowness of the existing 11 plus entry point into our junior school makes it very hard for our school to give a fair ...

We need to fight to improve education for Salford boys

Manchester Evening News-10 Jan 2015
How can a child expect to do well if his parents are numpties and he is surrounded by other numpties in his class? The answer was of course the 11 plus which ...

Revealed: The best Sevenoaks primaries for grammar school entry

Sevenoaks Chronicle-10 Jan 2015
The Chronicle can reveal the primary schools with the highest 11-plus hit rate. Ide Hill Primary School had a 100 per cent success rate after all eight pupils who ...

Northern Ireland's academic selection put to test

Belfast Telegraph-6 Jan 2015
When the 11-plus was abolished by Sinn Fein, without any alternative being put in place, Northern Ireland was facing the threat of the imposition of a ...

Parents back the transfer test system Education Minister John O ...

Belfast Telegraph-5 Jan 2015
The informal transfer tests currently being used sprung up after the abolition of the 11-plus which grammar schools used to select pupils based on their ability.

The case against grammar schools

Conservative Home-10 Dec 2014
The then Shadow Education Secretary went on to argue that changes in family structure now ensure that the 11 plus is no longer capable of fairly identifying ...

Is this campaign the kiss of death for grammar schools?

The Guardian-8 Dec 2014
Recent efforts to improve the 11-plus exam and make it fairer seemed to backfire. “Parents are shocked when we show them the evidence,” she says.

First new grammar school for 50 years likely to win approval T Dec 2014
... far resisted calls to repeal a ban on the opening of new grammar schools, which select pupils on the basis of their academic ability through the “11-plus” exam.

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