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Welcome to BOFA

Online eleven plus Tests which tutor pupils for 11+ examinations in English, Maths, Verbal Reasoning and Non-verbal Reasoning.

Timed online 11 plus tests, marked to identify strengths & weaknesses.
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Each 11 plus test has the appropriate number of questions for a timed 50 minute test.
The difficulty is set to be as realistic as possible.
The tests are marked automatically, including the questions which are attempted after 50 minutes.
The initial score only includes the correct answers obtained in 50 minutes.
Bespoke explanation, practice and testing in weaker areas.
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The weaker topics are explained followed by practice and retesting.
The stronger topics are developed in later products.
Reports emailed to parents informing of progress and effort.
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Emails are immediately sent to the parents and tutors containing the amount of time spent, finish time and the score achieved.
Extension work available using BOFA 11, BOFA 11+ and BOFA 11++.
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When all 4 11 plus tests are complete, BOFA will advise all concerned on the best course of action, including further online products or paper resources etc which are available.


Birmingham's two-tier grammar schools entrance plan wins support

The Independent-26 Mar 2015
Five state grammar schools in Birmingham run by the Schools of King Edward VI foundation have set a lower qualification score in their 11-plus tests for children ...

If only every state grammar school would try to level their admissions ...

The Independent-25 Mar 2015
Private tutors specialising in cramming children through the 11-plus examination now have waiting lists of over a year, thanks to the anxieties of middle England.

11+ Debate Before Funding Debate?

Island FM-25 Mar 2015
That has created further uncertainty over the future of the 11Plus as some deputies say that debate should come before any decision on funding the rebuild of La ...

Guernsey 'should have three secondary schools'

ITV News-23 Mar 2015
All of this would involved scrapping the 11-plus. Mr Mulkerrin's views come as a review is released warning that Guernsey secondary schools are too small.

Ukip's education policies: you ask the questions

The Guardian-17 Mar 2015
We would also modify the idea of the 11-plus so that it would not be based solely on an examination but on attainment throughout the year as well, so coaching ...

Free school bid sparks concern from Rugby candidate

Rugby Observer-13 Mar 2015
By Andy Morris Wednesday 11 March 2015 Updated: 13/03 09:49 ... to offer extra tuition for those preparing for the 11 Plus or common entrance examinations.

Pupils caught in middle of drive to expand Kent's grammar schools

The Guardian-6 Mar 2015
At the Eleven Plus Academy, parents pay £23 for weekly classes of 90 ... from France where most children go to their local school and the 11+ doesn't exist.

Judge issues injunction banning website from putting Warwickshire ...

Coventry Telegraph-4 Mar 2015
Warwickshire County Council has been successful in banning the website from reporting questions used in the county's Eleven Plus Test, ...

Doubt cast over 11-plus exams

The Times (subscription)-4 Mar 2015
The brightest pupils who failed the 11-plus got higher GCSE grades in English ... Children who scrape a pass in the 11-plus grammar school test achieve worse ...

Pupils who fail 11-plus outperform grammar school peers

TES News-3 Mar 2015
Researchers say their findings, released exclusively to TES, illustrate problems with the 11-plus grammar school entrance test, and show that ...

Claims school application system 'not working' as half a million 11 ...

ITV News-2 Mar 2015
Tens of thousands of 11-year-olds across the East Midlands found out where they'd ... it's a good opportunity for him and he's worked hard to get his eleven plus.

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