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What is Verbal Reasoning?

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What is Verbal Reasoning?

Verbal reasoning is the name given to one of the types of tests used to assess a person’s ability to manipulate words to create new words or find hidden words. 


But, the larger your vocabulary, the better your chance of obtaining a higher score. You can try out some of the different types of questions on the demo page by following the link below.

Intelligence tests that are largely verbal in content and used in an educational context are often referred to as verbal reasoning tests. These tests consist of a variety of item types, typically including similes, antonyms, analogies, codes and anagrams. Modern verbal reasoning (VR) tests are objective and require a mixture of completion and multiple-choice responses, although some recent versions are entirely in multiple-choice format so that they may be machine-scored via the use of an optically-read answer sheet.

The full BOFA tests include all the different types of questions used, but they may vary slightly from the questions you would actually get in your verbal reasoning exam.

There are approximately 20 key different types of verbal reasoning questions with several spin offs but as long as you are aware of the concept of what is a verbal reasoning question and you have practiced answering VR questions, as they are known, then they shouldn’t present you with too many difficulties.

Some people may try to suggest that there are exactly 26 types or 32 types etc. of questions and then will change the number when a slightly different way of a phrasing the same question is used in an exam next year. Be aware of this and focus on a general understanding of the principles required to be successful on the day, not in past exam papers.  The best preparation will give a pupil the confidence to tackle any type of question thrown at them.

Take the Eleven Plus Verbal Reasoning demo test now

BOFA has the sections defined as follows: 

1 Antonyms - Adjectives
2 Antonyms - Adverb
3 Antonyms - Nouns
4 Antonyms - Verbs
5 Synonyms - Adjectives
6 Synonyms - Nouns
7 Synonyms - Verbs
8 Related Words - Antonyms
9 Related Words - Locations
10 Related Words - Numbers
11 Related Words - Relations
12 Related Words - Synonyms
13 Find the Missing Letter
14 Find the Missing Letters
15 Moving a Letter Between Words
16 Hidden Anagrams
17 Hidden Words
18 Missing Chain Word
19 Missing Chain Words
20 Two Words Join to Make a New Word
21 Words With More Than One Meaning
22 Logic Statements
23 Who likes What?
24 Code a Word by Moving Backwards Through the Alphabet
25 Code a Word by Moving Forwards Through the Alphabet
26 Encode a Word by Moving Backwards Through the Alphabet
27 Encode a Word by Moving Forwards Through the Alphabet
28 Decode a Word by Moving Backwards Through the Alphabet
29 Decode a Word by Moving Forwards Through the Alphabet
30 Code a Word from a Codeword
31 Encode a Word from a Codeword
32 Decode a Word from a Codeword
33 Match the Codewords
34 Formulae
35 Sequences

Practice makes perfect, or should we say, practice can save you time and help reduce your stress levels. 

These questions are just as appropriate whether you are sitting an 11 plus or a corporate selection test.