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11 Plus News

Many news articles appear in the press relating to selective entry at 11 plus and education in general. 

These articles have been selected as being relevant to parents of children aged 9 to 13 who are interested in what is happening across the UK. Contributions and comments are welcome, please write to

If you would particularly like to see the News for Northern Ireland, go to 11 plus News for Northern Ireland.

If you would like to see the News for England only, go to 11 plus News for England.

You can use BOFA 11+ to help prepare for the exam:


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Essex: Is early-morning tutoring the answer to securing a place at ...

East Anglian Daily Times-27 Jul 2014
But perhaps not for those youngsters who will be sitting the 11-plus on September 20 to try to gain a coveted place at one of Essex's remaining grammar schools ...

Opinion: 11-plus tested academic ability, not intelligence

Derby Telegraph-26 Jul 2014
He refers to the 11-plus as an "intelligence test". The 11-plus was a measure of academic ability. Whether 11 was the best age is debatable but the better ...

Opinion: 11-plus tested academic ability, not intelligence

Derby Telegraph-Jul 26, 2014
He refers to the 11-plus as an "intelligence test". The 11-plus was a measure of academic ability. Whether 11 was the best age is debatable but the better ...

Grammar schools the answer, says Paul Nuttall

Rochdale Online-Jul 25, 2014
"The 11 plus exam means that the academically gifted go forward to grammar schools, with the 13 plus for late developers. The brightest are those who are likely ...

The Judd School's head teacher seeks fairer admissions system Jul 2014
He said around 40 per cent of pupils pass the 11 Plus in west Kent but only 15 per cent did so in the other side of the county, leading to a ...

The class of 2010: how do they feel about selective schools now?

The Guardian-by Janet Murray-14 Jul 2014
Living in one of the 36 local authorities that still have grammar schools, these children also had the 11-plus exam to contend with and the ...

Plan to help poor get in grammars

Echo-27 Jun 2014
Southend Council set out a seven-point pledge for more pupils from the borough's primary schools to pass the 11-plus after a series of exposes ...

Cheer up, children - seven out of eight parents would fail the 11-Plus too! Survey reveals huge ...

Daily Mail-13 Jul 2014
Just 12 per cent of parents – about one in eight – who attempted a test modelled on the 11-Plus scored more than 80 per cent – the approximate pass ...

Failing 11-plus will cost pupils £30000 a year

The Times-29 May 2014
Failing to pass the 11-plus exam puts pupils at an “immediate disadvantage” in terms of their future earnings, according to researchers from the ...

Reading grammar schools changing their admission tests this year

Reading Post- 13 Feb 2014
The two grammar schools in Reading will be changing their “11-plus” test providers this year. The change will affect children hoping to enter ...

The college that gets 11-plus 'failures' into Oxbridge. How?

The Guardian-10 Feb 2014
Loreto College saw 21 students receive offers from Oxford and Cambridge this year, a success rate of 50%. John Harris revisits his old college ...

New grammar school test thwarts 'pushy parents'

The Guardian-8 Feb 2014
Increasing numbers of grammar schools are preparing to redesign their "11-plus" entrance exams to stop intensive tutoring giving children from ...

More Southend children taking 11-plus

Southend Standard-5 Feb 2014
Following years of flat-lining, the proportion of pupils from Southend primary schools taking the 11-plus has jumped 5 per cent this year.

Teaching union raps 11-plus lobbyists

Belfast Telegraph-2 Feb 2014
THE pro 11-plus lobby has been accused of "self-interest" by the Ulster Teachers' Union (UTU) on the eve of unregulated test results for ...

Change in 11+ exam to help Southend pupils

Southend Standard-19 Nov 2013
Robin Bevan, headteacher of Southend High School for Boys, has analysed 11- plus test results for the Consortium of Selective Schools in Essex for a decade.


Derry Journal-18 Nov 2013
The Department of Education at Stormont insists the tests should not go ahead but, with no political agreement on a replacement for the 11-Plus, they look set to ...

Big day for thousands of children across Kent as 11-plus results ...

Kent Online-15 Oct 2013
Kent County Council has said it wants an eleven plus test to be much less susceptible to the private tutoring that has evolved in some areas, ... ;

Kent County Council re-thinks plans for replacement 11-plus exam ...'

Kent Online-13 Aug 2013
Concerns that more grammar schools are likely to consider setting their own eleven plus test have prompted county education chiefs to change plans for a …

Kent 11-plus overhaul 'to tackle coaching culture'

BBC News-18 Mar 2013
Plans to overhaul the Kent 11-plus test and make it more difficult for wealthier families to coach their children are being considered. A Kent County Council ...

The heat is on to pass the 11-plus

The Guardian-18 Mar 2013
The children are all students at the 11 Plus Academy, which offers weekly tuition for those wishing to take the grammar school entrance test in Kent and the ...

11-Plus Exam given thumbs up

Barbados Advocate-12 Mar 2013
Past Principal of the Deighton Griffith Secondary School, John Blackman, has voiced his endorsement of the Barbados Secondary Schools Entrance ...

Mean figures

The Guardian-21 Mar 2013
Your piece (The heat is on to pass the 11-plus, Education, 19 March) contained the sentence, "but close to half the county's 132 secondary schools scored below ...

Newsroom Live – 21 March, 2013

Guernsey Press and Star -21 Mar 2013
Among the key plans is to review the 11-Plus so we'll be talking to the three private colleges about this, as well as getting comments from States members as this ...

Sevenoaks site named for grammar school expansion

BBC News-9 Jan 2013
... only part of Kent without a grammar, meaning more than 1,100 pupils who passed the 11-plus had to travel for an hour to Tunbridge Wells.

Major changes to 11 plus exams

Buckinghamshire Advertiser-8 Jan 2013
Major changes to 11 plus exams. Jan 8 2013 By Suzy Talbot. Schools Snow. TODAY grammar school's announced changes to the 11 plus exam system.

Parents fear cheating as 11-plus paper is used again

Evening Standard-7 Jan 2013
Children taking the 11-plus exam late in parts of London have been given the same ... But parents say that examples of 11-plus questions from the September ...

Schools plan overhaul of 11-plus to beat 'middle-class tutor factor ...

Daily Mail-18 Dec 2012
Kent, Britain's biggest education authority, today unveiled plans to revamp the 11-plus within two years to ease the 'pressures' of coaching on ...

Concerns over out-of-county pupils raising the bar in 11 plus test

Bucks Free Press-12 Dec 2012
The 11 plus results were released at the end of last month. Parents have 14 days from the result to ask for the results to be reviewed and will learn whether or not ...

Parents told: Don't help kids pass Medway's '11-plus'

Kent Online-7 Dec 2012
Girl studying in school Council bosses want to stop parents buying their children private Medway Test tutoring – because it could make them "just successful at ...

Changes to 11-plus to stop middle-class parents 'buying' access to ...

Daily Mail-1 Dec 2012
The 11-plus is designed to test pupils' innate ability, but research has shown 28 per cent of parents across the country hire a home tutor for their child, according ...

Single transfer test is the best way forward

Belfast Telegraph-19 Nov 2012
As a parent of three children, one of whom sat the 11-Plus, another sat the Common Entrance Assessment set by AQE, while the third is still at ...

Kent Test reforms could put a stop to widespread coaching

Kent News-12 Nov 2012
Education experts have warned that 11-plus reforms aimed at putting a stop to “endemic” private coaching of pupils have to be made ...

Bid to make 11-plus test 'tutor-proof'

Kent Online-6 Nov 2012
The 11-plus test sat by thousands of children each year in Kent could be revamped to counter concerns widespread coaching favours those who can afford to ...

Grammar school tests to be made 'tutor-proof' Nov 2012
Now education authorities are drawing up plans to make their 11-plus tests “tutor proof” out of concern that the wrong children are winning ...

Plymouth parents hit out over 'fiasco' of 11-plus results

This is Plymouth-10 Oct 2012
Plymouth parents hit out over 'fiasco' of 11-plus results. Trusted article source icon. Wednesday, October 10, 2012. Profile image for Plymouth Herald · Plymouth ...

Exam chiefs fail the 11 plus test after setting Wirral pupils two 'rogue ...

Wirral News-3 Oct 2012
MORE than a thousand Wirral pupils passed parts of their 11-plus grammar schools tests without having to lift a finger – due to two “rogue” questions.

Medway's 11 plus exams 'went smoothly' after last year's fiasco

Kent Online-27 Sep 2012
The new head of children's services at Medway Council has said this year's 11 plus exams went smoothly after moving back into primary schools. Just over ...

11 plus exam: readers split over its future

Bucks Free Press-18 Sep 2012
11 plus exam: readers split over its future. READERS appear to be split over the future of the 11 plus exam, according to a web poll. But the online ballot carried ...

Skegness Grammar School to host open day‎

Skegness Standard - 12 Sep 2012
Head teacher David Ward was keen to open the invitation to parents with children who may not originally taken the 11 Plus exam, but believe they would benefit ...

Dartford boy, 11, left without a secondary school‎

This is Local London - 10 Sep 2012
Robbie Cheeseman failed his 11 plus by just seven points in maths, meaning he did not get a place at his chosen schools Leigh Technology College, ...

State versus independent: Admissions game‎

Financial Times - 7 Sep 2012
In Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire and Kent independent prep schools do a roaring business with parents aiming for the 11-plus. Prep schools such as ..

New private school near Lincoln waiting on green light from planners‎

This is Lincolnshire - 2 Sep 2012
Specialist coaching will be offered for the 11-plus examinations, which are necessary for applications to the county's grammar schools. There will also be a focus ...

Superkids aged 10 and 13 have 8 A* GCSEs and an A level ...‎

This is Plymouth - 28 Aug 2012
Claudia completed the 11-plus entry exam in January, a year early, and is now preparing to start at Devonport High School for Girls in September, and teachers ...

Guernsey 11 plus selection exams reduced from seven to two

BBC News- 17 July 2012
The number of exams taken for the 11 plus school selection test in Guernsey has been cut from seven to two. Deputy Robert Sillars, the States of Guernsey's ...

5 fewer exams for 11+

Channel Television- 17 July 2012
From the spring pupils in Guernsey will only have to take two exams for their 11 plus. Education is cutting it down from the current seven.

School is under investigation in 11-plus appeals 'shambles'‎

This is Kent - 21 Jun 2012
AN EXCLUSIVE grammar school attended by pupils from Sevenoaks is under investigation for the fifth time in as many years.The Skinners' School has been ...

Could the 11-plus return to Croydon?‎

This is Croydon - 21 Jun 2012
CONTROVERSIAL plans to bring grammar education back to Croydon after more than two decades are afoot. While the move is seen as a progressive step by ...

Volunteers pit their wits against the controversial Kent 11-plus‎

This is Kent - 12 Jun 2012
AS DEMAND for places continues to soar for already over-stretched grammar schools across West Kent, pressure is increasing for pupils taking the controversial ...

Wilkie Cumberbatch, St. Stephen's share top 11-Plus honours‎

Barbados Advocate - 11 Jun 2012
Wilkie Cumberbatch, St. Stephen's share top 11-Plus honours 6/12/2012. By Patricia Thangaraj Three students, Kai Alleyne of the Wilkie Cumberbatch Primary ...

Test failures win grammar school places in 11-plus farce‎

This is Kent - 7 Jun 2012
CHILDREN from Sevenoaks who passed their 11-plus are being pushed out of grammar school places by pupils who failed, the Chronicle can reveal.Parents ...

Never The Less:A testing time for students, parents‎

Barbados Advocate - 1 Jun 2012
In another week or so the results from the 11 plus exam will be back and anxious ... So that is why the 11 plus will always be a strain on children, because that is ...

Call for Guernsey 11 plus system review, from union rep‎

BBC News - 1 Jun 2012
A thorough review into the future of Guernsey's 11 plus system is needed, according to the local representative of a teaching union.

Guernsey 11 plus debate should wait: Education minister‎

BBC News - 31 May 2012
All the options need to be explored for Guernsey's 11 plus system before any debate begins on scrapping it, according to the Education minister.

BC'S B'DOS: 11-Plus 40 exam‎

Nation News - 27 May 2012
This morning, in sympathy with the little ones, I continue my attempt to pass the 11-Plus exam the children of Barbados just sat.

Chamber condemns plan to drop maths from 11-plus‎

Guernsey Press and Star (subscription) - 5 May 2012
A PROPOSAL to drop English and maths exams from the 11-plus is misguided, Chamber of Commerce president Julian Winser, pictured, has said.

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Schools and parents react to potential 11 plus change

Buckinghamshire Advertiser - 24 May 2012
When Martin Tett addressed the annual parish meeting in Chalfont St Peter on May 14, it was intended as a simple introduction to his role at Bucks County ...

Is this the end of grammar schools?‎

Buckinghamshire Advertiser - 18 May 2012
THE leader of Bucks County Council has warned the area could see the end of the 11-plus system as academies take over.

Who is willing to join Amy in taking the 11-plus exam?‎

This is Kent - 11 May 2012
AS EXAM fever grips schools across the country, the Courier has launched its own test for the people of West Kent and East Sussex.A media storm centred ...

Warning over unregulated 11-plus tests

U.TV - 10 May 2012
The Education Minister John O'Dowd is warning primary schools that they could face disciplinary sanctions if they're found preparing pupils for the unregulated ...

Guernsey public consulted on 11 plus exam system

BBC News - 3 May 2012
The Guernsey public is being asked for its views on the current method of deciding which secondary school children attend.

Earlier 11-plus tests for Birmingham grammar school places‎

The Birmingham Post - 4 May 2012
by Kat Keogh, Birmingham Post Thousands of primary school children face a new deadline in the race for a place at one of Birmingham's top grammar schools.

Kent 11-plus 'unfair advantage' for private pupils‎

BBC News - 27 Apr 2012
Kent County Council is to review its 11-plus test after figures showed 10% of offers at state grammar schools went to pupils from private primaries.

Grammar lesson‎

Times Educational Supplement - 20 Apr 2012
The country's biggest fully selective local authority has admitted that the 11-plus entrance exam used to select grammar school pupils favours wealthier ...

Parents triumph in the battle to expand grammar school places‎ - 31 Mar 2012
A group of unhappy but well-organised parents in Sevenoaks began an e-petition last autumn in frustration that their children, despite passing the 11-plus ...

Has this mother of three changed the face of British education?‎

Daily Mail - 31 Mar 2012
In Year Six, the final year of primary school education, all pupils in Kent have the option of sitting the 11-plus examination. Those who pass the exam can ...

New battles loom over grammar schools‎

BBC News - 31 Mar 2012
Opponents say grammars are socially divisive - sifting children in to "sheep and goats" at 11 through the 11-plus exam, which they have to pass to get a ...

Council may back grammar school bid‎

Burton Mail - 30 Mar 2012
... from September 2015 the Tory-controlled authority create two forms for girls and two for boys who pass the 11-plus, catering for about 120 children.

Grammar school: Kent County Council backs expansion plan‎

BBC News - 30 Mar 2012
Children have to pass the 11-plus exam to get in. ... Opponents say they divide children in to "sheep and goats" at 11 through the 11-plus exam, ...

Kent to get new school for 11-plus students‎

Kent Online - 23 Mar 2012
... editor Paul Francis Kent County Council has today agreed to the demands of more than 2600 parents to create more places for pupils who pass the 11-plus.

11 plus grammar school exams: Review may assess 'coaching'‎

Bucks Free Press - 26 Feb 2012
Dr Peter Holding from Sir William Borlase's Grammar School in Marlow said there is widespread awareness of the amount of coaching for the 11 plus that goes ...

Middle-classes target academies in school admissions race‎ - 25 Feb 2012
Yesterday, the county with the largest number of grammars – Kent – reported a rise in the number of children sitting the 11-plus entrance exam this year, ...

11 Plus change confirmed‎

Kent Online - 17 Feb 2012
It has been confirmed that pupils will take the 11-Plus in their own primary schools in September after a catalogue of errors during last ...

Medway Council makes 11-plus changes after complaints‎

BBC News - 16 Feb 2012
Pupils in Medway will be able to take the 11-plus examination at their own school rather than at test centres, following complaints in 2011.

Teachers vent anger over transfer test as pupils receive results‎

Tyrone Today - 11 Feb 2012
P7 pupils at local primary schools sat the AQE and GL assessment tests in 2011, which were brought in by secondary level schools after the 11-plus test was ...

Police deliver stolen 11 Plus results‎

U.TV - 4 Feb 2012
Police have delivered a set of AQE results to some waiting children and parents after they were stolen from a Royal Mail van in west Belfast.

11-plus exam may be held two months early‎

Echo - 28 Jan 2012
THE 11-plus exams could be brought forward two months so parents can pick their favourite schools after children have sat the tests.

Competitive parents 'taking joy out of childhood'

‎ - 28 Jan 2012
Tutoring is increasingly popular in preparation for the 11-plus and Common Entrance – the traditional entry exams for grammar schools and private senior ...

Grammar schools' admissions policy under review

‎Chelmsford Weekly News - 19 Jan 2012
KEGS also plans to open up to ten per cent of places to Year 7 students who, in addition to scoring highly on the 11-plus test, demonstrate they have ...

Finding a tutor: it's a cut-throat world‎ - 19 Jan 2012
January is peak season for private tutors, with children facing a barrage of exams and revision: retakes, 11-plus, common entrance exams and GSCE and ...


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Backing grammar schools: Labour need to be educated on what is ...

‎Daily Mail - 18 Jan 2012
I didn't go to a grammar school - I failed my 11 plus – but I wish I had done. To me, a system where a child is taught on their ability makes perfect sense ...

Poor children's GCSE grades 'unacceptable'‎

Kent Online - 18 Jan 2012
... schools to achieve in 2012, saying 40% of pupils should get five or more good GCSEs. By 2015, it says that should rise to 50%. Pupils taking the 11 - plus

Labour seeks Lib Dem support to fight grammar school plans

‎The Guardian - 16 Jan 2012
Before the election, Cameron said there would be "no return to the 11-plus". In government, the coalition has made it easier for grammars to expand.

A Canterbury grammar school criticised for 11-plus score increase‎

BBC News - 12 Jan 2012
A grammar school in Canterbury has been criticised for proposing to raise the pass mark of the 11-plus exam. Simon Langton Grammar School for Boys is ...

The 11-plus, with its “pass” or “fail”, was unnecessarily harsh and the secondary modern schools to which failed 11-plus candidates were consigned were ...

The creeping return of the grammar school‎

The Guardian - 10 Jan 2012
There is also a shift away from arguing for the 11 plus – increasingly hard to justify in a more sensitive, child-aware culture – towards the introduction ...

Chelmsford grammar schools consider catchment change

BBC News - 23 Dec 2011
The schools currently take children based on their 11-plus rankings. In a letter to parents, Kegs said about 40% of its current intake lived further afield ...

11-plus crackdown on rich kids' coaching 'advantage'

Aylesbury Today - 17 Dec 2011
CHANGES to the 11-plus system could soon be made in a bid to prevent wealthier families from giving their children at unfair advantage. ...

Grammar schools get go-ahead to expand‎ - 12 Dec 2011
In recent years, the number of pupils sitting the 11-plus entrance exam in areas such as Kent, Birmingham, Buckinghamshire and Lincolnshire, which have the ...

Transfer test security breach investigation to be revealed

‎BBC News 12 Dec 2011
Catholic grammar schools have continued to use academic selection since the official 11-plus ended three years ago. They commissioned tests from an English ...

Half of children who pass 11-plus exam are turned away from ...

Daily Mail - 27 Nov 2011
New figures show that of the 29500 children who took the 11-plus, 13800 passed, but 6100 of those youngsters were not offered places. ...

Poole High exam probe is launched‎

Bournemouth Echo - 1 Dec 2011
Poole High, a partially selective school, holds 11 plus-style aptitude tests for primary school students hoping to join the secondary's top academic stream. ...

Bradford girls' grammar school applies to join state education system‎

The Guardian - 1 Dec 2011
The headteacher, Kathryn Matthews, herself an 11-plus success from an inner-city community, said that the initiative promised "an exciting time". ...

15000 pupils pass the 11-plus but fail to get a grammar school place - 27 Nov 2011
Wallington High School for Girls, in Sutton, received 1400 applications for 180 places and had to turn away more than 300 pupils who passed the 11 plus. ...

Blueprint for future nothing to shout about

Belfast Telegraph - 26 Nov 2011
There is no mention of the deadlock on the 11-Plus, condemning more parents and teachers and yet more cohorts of primary schoolchildren to the chaos of the ...

New '11-plus' talks ahead

Belfast Telegraph - 21 Nov 2011
Thousands of children across Northern Ireland have been taking the exams introduced by grammar schools following the removal of the 11-plus in 2008. ...

O'Dowd claims grammar entrance exams are 'marketing device'

BBC News - 11 Nov 2011
His comments come three years after the abolition of the 11-plus ... Mr O'Dowd, whose predecessor Caitriona Ruane abolished the old-style 11-plus, ...

Q&A: History of the 11-plus test

BBC News - 11 Nov 2011
It was then left it up to the local politicians to find a solution to what should replace the official 11-plus. However, they cannot agree and so Northern ...

Tory MP: More grammar schools please

BBC News - 15 Oct 2011
The tripartite system of grammar schools, secondary moderns and technical schools - along with the controversial 11 Plus - was the brainchild of RA Butler, ...

How to afford school fees

‎ - 13 Aug 2011
Those who live in grammar school areas may send their children to private school and hope that they pass the 11-plus. It's a financial gamble, ...

A PRIVATE school in Beaconsfield is celebrating

Bucks Free Press - Lawrence Dunhill - 29 Jul 2011
A PRIVATE school in Beaconsfield is celebrating after 89 per cent of its final year pupils passed the 11-plus exam to win places at grammar schools. ...

Private tutors for state schools

‎BBC News - Sean Coughlan - 26 Jul 2011
... pupils carried out three years ago suggested that almost half had paid for tuition for their children when they were preparing for the 11-plus test. ...

School colour-codes pupils by ability

The Guardian - 25 Jul 2011
... we would be able to attract those children and their parents who would rather not put them in to take the Bexley 11-plus, but would feel comfortable ...

Devon grammar head urges change for disadvantaged

BBC News - 19 Jul 2011
Mr Evans believes there may be valid reasons why a child from a disadvantaged background does not score as highly in the 11 plus and he would like to be ...

New threat to grammar schools

‎ - May 23, 2010
A group of parents want to force two grammar schools in Reading, Berkshire, to abandon the 11-plus ...

New 11-plus row for Tories as PM is urged to fight for grammar schools

Daily Mail - May 21, 2010
David Cameron was last night facing a fresh row over academic selection as protesters mounted the first bid in a decade to axe the 11-plus ...

No reprieve for scholarship scheme in Stamford

Rutland and Stamford Mercury - May 20, 2010
... Stamford who had passed their 11-plus but because of the county's school transport policies now had little chance of going to Bourne Grammar School, ...

ESSEX children taking the 11-plus exam should not be intensively tutored ...

This is Total Essex - ‎Mar 27, 2011

The 11-plus English and maths papers are written by Essex grammar school staff and checked by colleagues. The verbal reasoning paper is set by an outside company. "We believe the papers should be rigorous enough to select the children who can manage ...

A COUPLE who adopted a Russian orphan were told she had brain damage.

This is Total Essex - 13 Mar 2011

But she has defied their expectations, passed 11-plus exams and secured a ... When she took 11-plus exams this year, she passed with flying colours and was ...

More pupils than ever get their first-choice secondary schools

Kent News - 5 Mar 2011

There are a number of boys living in Pembury and parts of Sevenoaks who have passed their 11-plus but have not been offered a grammar place this year. ...

Problems caused by lack of grammar school places in west Kent continue

Kent News - Mar 3, 2011‎

"There are a number of boys living in Pembury and parts of Sevenoaks who have passed their 11-plus exams but have not been offered a grammar school place this year." He said the pressure on places was less than last year because the number of children ...

Secondary school choice figures show 40% of children may miss out

The Guardian - ‎Feb 28, 2011‎

At four out of the 12 secondary schools in the town, admission depends on passing the 11-plus. From Tuesday, a total of 540000 children in their final year of primary school in England will be notified which secondary they are entitled to attend. ...

School repairs 'may cost millions if rebuild rejected'

BBC News - ‎Feb 28, 2011‎

Education Minister Carol Steere said if the money for the work on La Mare de Carteret was not found it would break a States resolution made 10 years ago to retain the 11 plus and provide three new secondary schools.

THE PRESIDENT of the Association of School and College Leaders has claimed ...

This is Total Essex - ‎Feb 26, 2011‎

"I think that actually, to try and test people on a life-changing decision at ten-and-a-half, is cruelty in the extreme because they are children and they haven't grown up yet. "The problems associated with the 11-plus border on the insurmountable and ...

Top state schools elude poor

Financial Times - ‎Feb 25, 2011‎

Sir Peter Lampl, the chairman of the Sutton Trust, a charity that promotes social mobility, said: “Our top performing state schools effectively remain off-limits to poorer children, who are not fortunate enough to have tutoring support for the 11-plus ...

Opponents snipe at UUP Stormont shake-up plan

Belfast Telegraph - ‎‎Feb 17, 2011‎

Education Minister Caitriona Ruane attempted to end both the 11-plus and academic selection, |resulting in chaos.” In response, DUP Enterprise Minister Arlene Foster said: “We welcome the UUP's conversion and decision to adopt our policy, ...

Want to get your little poppet into a decent school? Prepare for war

Daily Mail - ‎‎Feb 17, 2011

The great 11-plus showdown is entering its denouement. From today, letters go out from grammar and private schools to say whose progeny has won the race for the most prestigious places. There's no doubt that in the multiple choice of life, ...

Transfer test results out today

Belfast Telegraph - ‎Feb 4, 2011‎

Some 6800 P7 pupils sat the AQE and GL assessment tests in 2010, which were brought in by secondary level schools after the 11-plus test was withdrawn by the Department of Education. The AQE test is primarily used by state-sector grammar schools and ...

Top comprehensives surrounded by 'privileged little circles' - ‎Feb 4, 2011‎

The study suggested that grammars – which select pupils on the basis of the 11-plus entrance exam – were more transparent as they identified pupils “with talent, irrespective of their backgrounds”. Mr Onac is former head of Fortismere School, ...

The 11-plus has taken over my life - ‎Jan 17, 2011‎

For it is at this time of year that, in our county – Buckinghamshire – the 11-plus appeals are heard. In this one meeting, a panel of well-chosen people ...

Pushy parents putting 11-plus tuition on infants' curriculum - ‎Jan 15, 2011‎

Parents of children as young as five are trying to hire private tutors for 11-plus coaching as the demand for grammar school places rockets. ...

Pupils 'will be able to leave school at 14 to learn trade'

Coventry Telegraph - ‎Jan 10, 2011

They claim it could be a return to separation of children at too young an age – abolished with 11-plus exams in the 1960s – and could deprive less ...

Parents demand 11-plus coaching for two-year-olds

This is London - ‎Jan 5, 2011

One London firm said the number seeking tuition for the 11-plus has almost doubled in the past year as pressure on places increases. ...

More children tutored to get into grammar schools - ‎Jan 5, 2011‎

Children as young as four are being tutored to pass the 11-plus examination amid rising competition to get into grammar schools. Young children are being ...

Now that's pressure: Children of FOUR being tutored for 11-plus examinations

Daily Mail - ‎Jan 5, 2011

Deidre Donegan, of Gabitas Educational Consultants, said that many parents began tutoring their children two years before the 11-plus exams due to rising ...

Unionists cannot bring back 11-Plus, claims Sinn Fein

Belfast Telegraph - ‎Jan 3, 2011

Unionist politicians will be unable to re-instate the old 11-plus transfer test, even if they take the education ministry after May's Assembly election, ...

Parents vent their anger over 11-Plus test 'scam'

Daily Mail - Martin Delgado - ‎Jan 1, 2011‎

The alleged scam came to light when a large number of 11-Plus candidates asked to take the exam on a Sunday, one day after the majority of pupils. ...

Whizz-kid who failed 11-plus gets best A level result in country

Buckinghamshire Advertiser - Dec 9, 2010

A COMPUTER whizz-kid who who failed his 11-plus has gone on to get the highest mark in the country at computer studies A level. Nathan Barton, 18, took an A ...

Student numbers sitting transfer tests down on last year

Tyrone Today - Nov 25, 2010

This is the second year that schools, including St Patrick's Academy and St Joseph's Grammar, Donaghmore, have run their own unofficial 11-plus style ..

Row erupts over DUP's 'U-turn on selection'

Belfast Telegraph - Nov 22, 2010

The 11-plus procedure is educationally unsound and socially divisive and places unnecessary strain upon children at a very early age. ...

7000 children take grammar tests

BBC News - ?Nov 20, 2010?

The exams have been introduced by grammar schools which still want academic selection, in spite of the scrapping of the official 11-plus. ...

7000 children sit transfer tests

BBC News - ?Nov 13, 2010?

In the past, the 11-plus took place in children's own primary schools. Over the next few weeks, the system operated mostly by Catholic grammar schools will ...

Pupils sit first transfer test

Belfast Newsletter - Nov 13, 2010

Grammar schools are using the tests as a replacement for the 11-plus, scrapped by education minister Caitriona Ruane, despite widespread opposition. ..

Sort it out appeal falls on deaf ears

Belfast Telegraph - Nov 11, 2010

Far from trying to reach a compromise on what should replace the axed 11-plus exam, politicians of all hues appear to be avoiding what is one of the most ...

Grammar schools are the only hope for our failing education system - Nov 10, 2010

And they say the 11-Plus was unfair! Watch my lips: no more selection by academic ability. But plenty of selection by house price or overnight conversion to ...

Don't be scared to give kids a push.. - Nov 8, 2010

... take me down to the local bookshop to buy the latest exercise books, which tested verbal reasoning, maths and logic in preparation for the 11-plus exam

Grammar schools: Old school wisdom - Nov 5, 2010

Competition is so great that parents either pay for their children to be coached for the 11-plus, or send them to fee-paying prep schools. ...

Grammar schools will be allowed to expand - ‎Oct 31, 2010

In a ruling last week, the schools adjudicator backed three "super-selective" grammars which admit only those children with the very highest 11 Plus scores,

Race for school places: Trafford

Manchester Evening News - ‎Oct 26, 2010

The way I see it is that usually your first choice is going to be a grammar school but what if you don't pass their entrance exam or the 11 plus - you ..

Ruane Says Underachievers 'Can Do Better' - ‎Oct 26, 2010

"It has also been a priority to remove the inequality caused by our two-tier education system through removal of the 11 plus and publication of the Transfer

Battle continues to end super selection policy

Kent News - ‎Oct 23, 2010‎

The Judd School in Tonbridge, The Skinners School in Tunbridge Wells and Tonbridge Grammar School select children getting the highest marks in the 11 plus ..

School 'first to end selection'

BBC News - ‎Oct 22, 2010‎

It also become the first to respond positively to a call by the Catholic Church that all its grammar schools phase out 11-plus style exams. ..

What the papers say

BBC News - ‎Oct 22, 2010

The Irish News reports that Loreto

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