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Welcome to BOFA

Online eleven plus Tests which tutor pupils for 11+ examinations in English, Maths, Verbal Reasoning and Non-verbal Reasoning.

Timed online 11 plus tests, marked to identify strengths & weaknesses.
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Each 11 plus test has the appropriate number of questions for a timed 50 minute test.
The difficulty is set to be as realistic as possible.
The tests are marked automatically, including the questions which are attempted after 50 minutes.
The initial score only includes the correct answers obtained in 50 minutes.
Bespoke explanation, practice and testing in weaker areas.
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The weaker topics are explained followed by practice and retesting.
The stronger topics are developed in later products.
Reports emailed to parents informing of progress and effort.
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Emails are immediately sent to the parents and tutors containing the amount of time spent, finish time and the score achieved.
Extension work available using BOFA 11, BOFA 11+ and BOFA 11++.
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When all 4 11 plus tests are complete, BOFA will advise all concerned on the best course of action, including further online products or paper resources etc which are available.


New 11-plus does not solve equality divide

Bucks Herald - ‎Sep 16, 2014‎
The new 'tutor proof' 11-plus exam does nothing to bridge the gap between rich and poor children when it comes to who gets into grammar schools, according to a new report. The study, by the Local Equal Excellent group found that despite claims that the ...

State school pupils doing worse in 'tutor-proof' 11-plus tests

The Guardian-15 Sep 2014
Over the last fortnight pupils have sat preparation papers for the 11-plus, and the real exam. Many will have been coached for months, or years.

Kent County Council hopes 'tutor-proof' 11-plus will level playing field - but could you pass Kent Test?

Kent Online- 10 Sep 2014
More than 13,000 children will take a new form of the 11-plus from today, which education chiefs hope will limit the advantages of private coaching.

Education Eye: Last minute tips for your child's 11-plus exam

Thame Today 10 Sep 2014
Education Eye: Last minute tips for your child's 11-plus exam. Pupils sitting an exam. by Catherine Stoker, director of The Independent Education ...

Medway primary school pupils prepare for 11-plus exams

Kent Online - 8 Sep 2014
Friday's Medway Messenger contained a sample paper of the 11-plus, similar to the Kent Test, but not the same as the paper sat by Medway pupils.

How your child can prepare for the 11 plus exam

Get Bucks - 5 Sep 2014
The 11 plus exams are approaching, with pupils across Bucks getting ready to take the test. Co-founder Everlief Child Psychology Mike Russell ...

Pete Snodden, Pamela Ballantine and Alan Simpson relive sitting …

Belfast Telegraph-4 Sep 2014
With children now facing numerous tests to get into their school of choice, we revisit the time when every child sat a single standard 11-Plus test in the familiar ...

EDUCATION: Getting ready for the 11 plus

Folkestone Herald-3 Sep 2014
WITH the 11-plus test just days away, psychologist Dr Lucy Russell offers some useful advice about how to prepare your child for this life-changing test.

11 PLUS: Getting ready for the big day

Dover Express-3 Sep 2014
WITH the 11-plus test just days away, psychologist Dr Lucy Russell offers some useful advice about how to prepare your child for this life-changing test.

Start banging the drum for an end to divisive academic selection, O …

Belfast Telegraph-2 Sep 2014
Sinn Fein axed the State-run 11-plus transfer test in 2008 but in its place emerged two private tests run by the Post Primary Transfer Consortium and the ...

Essex: Is early-morning tutoring the answer to securing a place at ...

East Anglian Daily Times-27 Jul 2014
But perhaps not for those youngsters who will be sitting the 11-plus on September 20 to try to gain a coveted place at one of Essex's remaining grammar schools ...

Opinion: 11-plus tested academic ability, not intelligence

Derby Telegraph-26 Jul 2014
He refers to the 11-plus as an "intelligence test". The 11-plus was a measure of academic ability. Whether 11 was the best age is debatable but the better ...

Opinion: 11-plus tested academic ability, not intelligence

Derby Telegraph-Jul 26, 2014
He refers to the 11-plus as an "intelligence test". The 11-plus was a measure of academic ability. Whether 11 was the best age is debatable but the better ...

Grammar schools the answer, says Paul Nuttall

Rochdale Online-Jul 25, 2014
"The 11 plus exam means that the academically gifted go forward to grammar schools, with the 13 plus for late developers. The brightest are those who are likely ...

The Judd School's head teacher seeks fairer admissions system Jul 2014
He said around 40 per cent of pupils pass the 11 Plus in west Kent but only 15 per cent did so in the other side of the county, leading to a ...

The class of 2010: how do they feel about selective schools now?

The Guardian-by Janet Murray-14 Jul 2014
Living in one of the 36 local authorities that still have grammar schools, these children also had the 11-plus exam to contend with and the ...

Plan to help poor get in grammars

Echo-27 Jun 2014
Southend Council set out a seven-point pledge for more pupils from the borough's primary schools to pass the 11-plus after a series of exposes ...

Cheer up, children - seven out of eight parents would fail the 11-Plus too! Survey reveals huge ...

Daily Mail-13 Jul 2014
Just 12 per cent of parents – about one in eight – who attempted a test modelled on the 11-Plus scored more than 80 per cent – the approximate pass ...

Failing 11-plus will cost pupils £30000 a year

The Times-29 May 2014
Failing to pass the 11-plus exam puts pupils at an “immediate disadvantage” in terms of their future earnings, according to researchers from the ...


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